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Technology is a liberating force for African women

By: Charles Onyango-Obbo, Publisher of Africapedia As ride-hailing apps proliferate the globe, An Nisa Taxi in Kenya is one of the standouts in Africa. Developed by 33-year-old Mehnaz Sarwar, An Nisa is run by women and serves female passengers and children exclusively. Ms. Sarwar sought to overcome two obstacles: limited job opportunities for women in a male-dominated industry and the reluctance of women to hail […]

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Design Thinking for Problem Solving in Africa

Written by Kader Kaneye, African Development University – ADU The capacity to innovate via complex problem solving was identified as the number-one critical skill for the 21st-century professional, business person, or entrepreneur operating in an ever-more-complex, dynamic, and fast-changing world. Source: Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum Design thinking is an approach to innovation that uses deep user understanding, problem framing, a range […]


AfDB Launches Innovative Entrepreneurship Programme for Moroccan Graduates

By Francis KOKUTSE, journalist and media consultant based inAccra, Ghana.  The African Development (AfDB) has extended an innovative process called the Souk At-tanmia (“Market for Development”) programme in southern Morocco to promote entrepreneurship among graduates. The concept fits into what Albert Nsengiyumva, executive secretary of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), says is necessary in order to win the war that has […]

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How will robots change the world?

By Bernadine Racoma of Day Translations. Robots are no longer instantly equated with cyborgs, armed metal creatures, and manned or autonomous humanoid machines. Even the term Android nowadays is more often understood as the mobile operating system developed by Google. People have gone past the typical concept of a robot, as most are already aware of the different forms and applications of robotics.  Robotics […]


Innovations in Humanitarian Learning

By John Nduri, Learning and Knowledge Management Advisor, Humanitarian Leadership Academy East Africa It is not debatable that humanitarian crises are widespread across the world, with African populations bearing the brunt of more recurrent and severe natural and man-made disasters. In contributing to preparedness and response, local, national and international humanitarian organisations have been involved in various ways for decades, which begs the question: […]

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Digital badges offer a paradigm shift in skills validation

At the moment, few places in the world are more interesting than Africa when it comes to discussions related to education and skills development. The Continent has unique challenges that differ from those in most of the world, but they also offer unique opportunities. This situation, combined with the fast rise of African countries’ standard of living and technological development, and the generally open […]


Internet for education in Africa

There is no doubt that the Internet is a powerful enabler for education as it provides access to information, different learning opportunities and new ideas that could contribute to both social and economic development. However, it is important to remember that well over half of the world’s population has no direct experience of using the Internet at all. In Africa, according to the latest […]

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Skills for the digital age – and for all

Three German Development Policy Approaches for a More Inclusive Future With an average age of only nineteen, African has the youngest and fastest-growing population of any continent. Its youth promises to be a catalyst for innovation, change and economic growth. Its rejuvenating population, however, will need about 20 million new jobs every year to support its economic potential. Digitalization, as the major transformative force […]

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AfDB Special Session: Scaling Up ICT for Education, Capacity Development and Knowledge Dissemination

Despite considerable advances, many Africans lack the capacities to take advantage of the unique opportunities that will accompany what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ITC provides tools that can support faster growth and help increase prosperity. Public-private cooperation and smart public policy are required to deploy ITCs in a way that fosters education, qualification programmes, and learning in general. This session will […]


Educating Women for a Changing Planet

It’s no secret that educating women and girls is critical to sustainable development, economic growth, environmental stewardship, and a host of other factors key to humanity’s future. Educated women have more agency, marry later, and have fewer, and healthier, children. They are more resilient to economic and environmental shocks. The benefits of educating girls and women are clear. But what if we could do […]