EDTECH – Crossed views between African and French actors

On the occasion of the 18th Summit of the Francophonie, FENI (France Edunum International) signs a collection of expertise on “digital education and training in Francophone Africa”. This document is intended to present a set of crossed views on the various issues around the digitalization of education and training in Francophone Africa.

The axes addressed are diverse (inclusion, development, multilingualism, public policies and private initiatives…) but on each of the themes the interviewees agree on one point: the need to collaborate within the Francophone space to make digital an effective tool for everyone to access quality education and training for. Through interviews with various actors (public or private, African and/or European…), this collection reviews the solutions developed in several countries of the African francophone space to overcome common challenges.

This text is a document signed by FENI (France Edunum International) a coalition of French public and private actors launched in July 2019. The objective of this initiative is to form a “French team” to better define the elements of a common digital education strategy involving public actors (ministries, general directions, and operators) and private actors (Edtech business associations), in order to meet international partners likely to engage in cooperations.

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