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The One Million African Talents program is a major project to provide access to quality education that meets the standards of the world’s best universities and training centers. In partnership with Study Access Alliance, TooShare will provide scholarships for online university degrees at IU International University of Applied Sciences to those who would otherwise not be financially able to study.

With over 75,000 students, IU International University is the largest and fastest growing university in Germany and Europe. This state-accredited university offers the broadest range of online degrees in the world, with an emphasis on technology and management.

Scholarships will be available for online Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA degrees, which are completed in 1-3 years.

This first milestone will be the first step in the One Million African Talents program and involves the awarding of scholarships to 100,000 students who will benefit from online certification courses over a 5-year period.

This first phase of the program will be joined very quickly by other major partner universities with whom we have started discussions with the ambition to train 1 million young African talents in the years to come. This TooShare program covers the 54 countries of Africa with a global population of 1.2 billion people, 50% of whom need education and training. In addition to  training,  the  program  will  be  coupled  with  employment support through the program’s partner companies and also the network of companies that will have their Pro account on the TooShare platform.

As a unique program, One Million is a first step towards the realization of TooShare’s founding project, which is to provide every young African with access to quality education in order to better prepare them for existing and future jobs.

To find out more on the One Million African Talents Challenge and to apply:

A call for applications will be launched on August 11, 2022 throughout the African territory and 50 applicants will be shortlisted to be awarded a scholarship upon a final decision.

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