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Changing and Growing: The Story of an eLA Star

by Harold Elletson Every edition of eLearning Africa has its stars. They are the presenters, participants or even exhibitors who strike a chord with the audience, stand out from the crowd or create a buzz of excitement with a new product or service. One of the biggest stars at this year’s eLearning Africa in Kigali, without doubt, was Rwandan entrepreneur Clarisse Iribagiza. Although there […]

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Improvisation: The Infrastructure of Communicating and Connecting

African music is the birthplace of what became jazz, and the essence of jazz is improvisation. And since the 1990s, American businesses have been turning to improvisation (improv) training centres for help with team building and communication. But is there really a connection between improvisation and ICT for education, training, and skills development in Africa? Though the link is not direct, it definitely exists […]

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The ATOE project and the African Union’s Pan-Africanist Agenda 2063 – ICTs to help revive African identity

By Mbombog and Chief Gaston Donnat BAPPA ba Matimbhe, Cameroon Africa will unite despite the obstacles it has faced for many centuries with the Pan-Africanism movement as a foundation. The effort to achieve this unity encompasses the need for Africans at home and in diasporas around the world to go back to their roots, sources, customs, and traditions as well as to regain and embrace […]

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In Profile – Dr Mamphela Ramphele

Nelson Mandela said that “education is the key to everything.” It is a view shared by a woman who played an important part in his struggles and is keen now for Africa to build on his legacy. Dr Mamphela Ramphele is, without doubt, one of Africa’s most inspirational and successful women. She has a range and breadth of experience that is quite astonishing. A […]


In Profile – Margot Brown

The story of how a Canadian librarian, Margot Brown, became Director of Knowledge Management at the World Bank reflects not only the central importance of information and data in modern societies, but also the fact that, for nearly three thousand years, libraries and librarians have been intimately involved with knowledge and education. The librarian profession was created, in the eighth century BC, when Ashurbanipal, […]


New North-South-South project to be launched: EPICA

EPICA, funded by the European Union research programme Horizon 2020, is a project 2018 – 2020 coordinated by ICDE with 4 partners from Africa and 4 partners from Europe. The project will develop and implement ePortfolio in Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information about the project:   eLearning Africa 2018 The eLearning Africa 2018 conference will be hosted Kigali, Rwanda on 26th – 28th September.


About African Woman in Europe

The growth of African Woman in Europe (AWE) has been a great success, with overwhelming support from women in Europe and Africa. We salute all women who work tirelessly to achieve their personal goals while serving as a positive influence on the community at large. Our vision is to extract and recognize the potential within and without and empower women to reach out to […]


TransformAfrica Summit 2018 to accelerate Africa’s single digital market

The 4th Edition of TransformAfrica Summit will be held this year from May 7 – 10 in Kigali, Rwanda. The Smart Africa Alliance is a Public-Private platform dedicated to shaping and driving Africa’s Digital Transformation. Organised by Smart Africa & hosted by His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, the event will attract over 4000 participants. As Africa’s largest and most influential ICT […]

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“There is a constant Tension between how Digitisation enables Openness and Closure, Inclusion and Exclusion”

Laura Czerniewicz is the Director of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Czerniewicz researches the equality of access to higher education and the technological impact of eLearning. Czerniewicz reveals some significant results of her research into the marketing and digitalisation of knowledge and the insights she has for eLearning Africa.   1. […]


Youth Working toward Bridging Rwanda’s Digital Divide in the Rwanda Digital Ambassador Program

Over the coming four years, the Rwanda Digital Ambassador Program (Rwanda DAP) will mobilize 5,000 young leaders to transform the lives of millions of citizens through the acquisition of digital skills, adoption of e-services, driving inclusion and growth. Rwanda DAP is an initiative led by the Rwandan Ministry of Information Technology and Communication aimed at increasing the number of digitally literate citizens and their […]