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Field Stories

A moment in time. Uganda Kayanga District

by Pauline McLeod “I want to read, I want to read.” Three P1 and 2 children were knocking on the door at 9.00am in the morning. Not yet fully dressed these three children had come from the nearby village and were outside Maligita Primary School Office. They wanted access to the  books in the library and to read on the tablets. Maligita Primary School […]

Field Stories

Highlighting the need to accelerate eLearning adoption in Uganda

By Isaac Kasana, Research & Education Network for Uganda Introduction For many years, the primary thrust of eLearning was to complement or enhance distance-learning needs: to make it more affordable and more accessible for the learners and also to enhance the educators’ throughput. With the developments in technology capability over the past 12 years, eLearning in its own right can now address many more education […]

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Transforming healthcare training in remote areas

Training frontline healthcare workers in developing countries can be fraught with challenges. Often operating in remote areas with little or no access to the Internet makes gaining access to the latest medical knowledge and healthcare training extremely difficult. However, innovative distance and blended learning programmes are now harnessing ICTs and digital media to overcome this problem, dramatically improving the training opportunities for health workers […]

Field Stories

Uganda leads in eLearning since 2005 – in 750+ secondary schools

Uganda is holding a secret. It is host to one of the largest implementations of eLearning in Africa to date. From urban uptown schools to village schools. Already in 2005 the Ministry of Education and Sports agreed to a pilot in 10 government secondary schools, deploying computerised Science and Mathematics software and virtual laboratory software. Having reached 250 schools, the ministry then joined hands with […]


Uganda makes small steps toward eGovernment

In this last edition of the Uganda News Review, Mark Keith Muhumuza takes a look at the technology projects that are slowly but surely changing the face of government in Uganda – as presented at eLearning Africa 2014’s session, “Local Initiatives: Current ICT Projects from Uganda” Piles of manila files are a common scene in Ugandan public services, in the hospitals, land offices and tax […]


The role of public libraries in achieving national development goals

Access to information in Africa is a fundamental obstacle to development. Africa’s youth population is increasing faster than any other region of the world. But while the young (15-24 years old) make up 20% of the continent’s population, they account for 60% of the unemployed. As these rising numbers flock to cities, the old ways of passing on information – through small-scale, oral community […]

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While in Kampala…

Beautifully situated on the banks of Lake Victoria, the Speke Resort, where eLearning Africa 2014 is to be held, offers many opportunities for relaxation and adventure – especially if you want to discover the magnificent lake, the largest in Africa, and the source of the river Nile. For those who wish instead to venture out into Kampala, our host city, there is also plenty […]

Field Stories

Shaping an approach to eLearning

There’s a secondary school in Mauta Village – a small town on Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya. When the school first opened, it had no electricity or running water. It was far removed from any developed cities, and most of the children there grew up to become local fishermen. It was a poverty maintenance cycle. Over the years, there were pleas from the […]

Field Stories

Wikis in history education

Ugandan history teaching is becoming dangerously irrelevant. This is the concern of Dorothy Sebbowa, a lecturer in history education at Makerere University.  “The country risks losing knowledge of its own past,” she warns. But through changing the way history is taught, that knowledge can be saved. by Tewodros Alemayehu Makerere is Uganda’s largest university, and still uses a teaching model where one lecturer addresses […]