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Designing Innovative Humanitarian Learning

By: Anne Garçon, Digital Communications AdviserHumanitarian Leadership Academy As the frequency and complexity of humanitarian crises continue to rise, the demand for highly skilled humanitarians, capable of preparing for and responding more effectively and efficiently to disasters, is only going to increase in the coming years. At the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (‘The Academy’), making learning available to the people who need it most is […]

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Why should we develop more Mobile Serious Games in Africa?

We all want to learn, but how can we make it more engaging for both the teacher and the learner? How to learn better? The best way to do it is through a game. Find out why developing mobile video games can be a solution to providing more access to education in Africa. A broad range of digital and non-digital games exists. Digital games are  […]


Gamification : Why do Game Developers and educators need to collaborate in Africa

Games are an effective and efficient instructional strategy for teaching and learning when they involved competition and are organized by rules to achieve an educational goal. Video games are a fun and safe environment, where students can try alternatives and see the consequences, learning from their own mistakes and practical experiences. Serious games have proven to be equally or even more effective than traditional […]

Field Stories

Team Afri One win GIZ Hackathon for Social Good

In April, we brought you the news of the GIZ Gamification Hackathon for Social Good, which took place in May in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of eLearning Africa 2015. The event brought together makers from across Africa for a unique event that channelled their creativity, innovation and sheer endurance to come up with gamified solutions to social problems.