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The eLearning Africa Report 2014

eLearning Africa will publish a major Report on the role of technology in education and development in May this year. This is the third edition of the Report so far, which is the most in-depth study of eLearning on the Continent. eLearning Africa participants, News Portal readers and all those to whom the Conference reaches out can form an integral part of the Report […]

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From the African Continent

Africa never stops changing. Since the Namibia edition of eLearning Africa in May, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for fresh developments on the Continent. And what a few months it’s been: Africa seems more buoyant than ever, with new eLearning projects blossoming everywhere. International interest in Africa is also growing – the Obamas visited Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa at the end of […]

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Making African voices heard

If you rely on the Western-dominated global media for your picture of Africa, you will receive a very distorted view.  We all have our own experiences of stereotypical images, sweeping generalisations and the “famine and war” agenda that characterise so much of the reporting of Africa to the world.


The potential of eLearning for health

Skilled human resources are the backbone of any performing health system. But many developing countries face a human resource crisis due to health workforce shortages, brain drain and lack of adequate training. Increasing health interventions aimed at reducing child and maternal mortality and tackling diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB require more and better-trained healthcare personnel. In order to meet the health-related Millennium […]

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The unsung local heroes who are really changing Africa

A revolution is occurring throughout African societies. While governments implement high-level, high-visibility ICT strategies, experts have recently identified far more radical, hidden changes occurring across the Continent. New technologies, when adopted, are adapted to local needs: a sort of under-the-radar innovation which is now pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Africa’s smartphone revolution

Smartphone use in Africa is on the rise, and major mobile makers and distributors are starting to pay attention to the emerging African market by producing devices that cater to the needs of the developing region. How will increased smartphone use revolutionise the way education takes place in Africa?

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Eyes on EAST!

This week, the eLearning Africa team met with eLearning Africa Scholarship Trust (EAST) scholarship recipients. The EAST programme, thanks to the kind donations of individuals and organisational partners, sponsors participation at the eLearning Africa conference of low-income Africans who are passionate about ICT and education. Today, EAST passed the microphone to two of its 2012 scholarship winners to find out how EAST – and […]


No dumping allowed

In January this year the eLearning Africa news service reported on the progress being made towards the impending Millennium Development Goal (MGD) deadline and highlighted the worrying trend of prioritising quantity over quality in efforts to reach the target of universal primary education by 2015. New eLearning technologies offer the tantalising potential to spread high-quality education across the developing world. This could be an […]

Field Stories

Capturing the Continent’s creativity

Can ICT in Africa enrich and support traditional lifestyles and cultures? It certainly seems so, at least according to the entries already submitted to the 2013 eLearning Africa Photo Competition. Its theme, “Tradition and ICT Innovation: a couple with potential”, has drawn some inspiring work from budding photographers across the Continent, and will surely continue to attract more attention both in Africa and worldwide […]