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Setting the Standard: The Ivorian Woman Showing How to Create Digital Jobs and Businesses

When historians look back at our age and reflect on this crucial moment in history, as Africa faces the tantalising but realistic prospect of becoming what the African Union calls a ‘transformed continent,’ in which sustained prosperity takes root and malnutrition and disease are finally eradicated, they may conclude that three factors in particular led to economic success: a determined effort to develop the […]

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A Ray of Light in Africa’s Darkest Corner

Harold Elletson talks to Congolese champion of disabled people and one of Africa’s most remarkable educators – Hortense Kavuo Maliro In August 2016, three days after a visit by the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, to the province of North Kivu in the north east of the country, a group of armed men, some of whom were dressed as soldiers, […]

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Igniting Creativity through Personalised Learning Experiences

Written by Adewunmi Payne Akinhanmio, SEN Coordinator Whole School, Grange School Lagos Creativity is an individual expression of knowledge and application that is unique, just as the fingerprint is unique. It stems from the ability to think outside the box, move out of the norm or comfort zone, and explore something new or a new pattern of thinking. Personalised Learning is any learning tailored […]

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Design Thinking for Problem Solving in Africa

Written by Kader Kaneye, African Development University – ADU The capacity to innovate via complex problem solving was identified as the number-one critical skill for the 21st-century professional, business person, or entrepreneur operating in an ever-more-complex, dynamic, and fast-changing world. Source: Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum Design thinking is an approach to innovation that uses deep user understanding, problem framing, a range […]

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In Profile – Efosa Ojomo

Nigerian-born Efosa Ojomo, who will be a keynote speaker at this year’s eLearning Africa conference, is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of Africa’s leading thinkers on innovation. Together with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen and Karen Dillon, the former editor of the Harvard Business Review, he recently published ‘The Prosperity Paradox,’ which looks at how “the right kind of innovation” can help […]

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Digital badges offer a paradigm shift in skills validation

At the moment, few places in the world are more interesting than Africa when it comes to discussions related to education and skills development. The Continent has unique challenges that differ from those in most of the world, but they also offer unique opportunities. This situation, combined with the fast rise of African countries’ standard of living and technological development, and the generally open […]

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Skills for the digital age – and for all

Three German Development Policy Approaches for a More Inclusive Future With an average age of only nineteen, African has the youngest and fastest-growing population of any continent. Its youth promises to be a catalyst for innovation, change and economic growth. Its rejuvenating population, however, will need about 20 million new jobs every year to support its economic potential. Digitalization, as the major transformative force […]

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Improvisation: The Infrastructure of Communicating and Connecting

African music is the birthplace of what became jazz, and the essence of jazz is improvisation. And since the 1990s, American businesses have been turning to improvisation (improv) training centres for help with team building and communication. But is there really a connection between improvisation and ICT for education, training, and skills development in Africa? Though the link is not direct, it definitely exists […]