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Field Stories

Teching the high road

When hordes of young Zimbabweans were busy crossing the southern African country’s borders at the height of the economic meltdown in 2008, a young but determined Limbikani Makani decided to do otherwise and invested his time in coming up with a technology company aimed at changing the face of the country’s start-up scene. Golden Maunganidze reports


Tweets of the week Monday, September 10th – Friday, September 14th 2012

On Monday, we took a look at “The impact of ICT-enhanced learning and training on learners”, a report by CozaCares, a South African not-for-profit foundation that promotes sustainable ICT environments in under-resourced schools  Speaking of the disadvantaged, there has long been a tendency for wealthy countries to dump their eWaste on the shores of developing countries (see In Accra, salvaging valuable metals […]


Leaders convene at the Africa Forum

What do you get when you put dozens of leading figures from government, business, education and the security sector in one venue for a seminal discussion on stability and economic prosperity? Lively debate, insightful ideas and a commitment to cooperate are just a selection of outcomes from the recently-concluded Africa Forum on Business and Security.


Training of youth “the backbone of society” says Obama

She may have a famous brother, the US President Barack Obama, but Dr Auma Obama’s true claim to fame is the success of the work she is doing with her not-for-profit Sauti Kuu Foundation, of which she is Founder and Director.  What’s behind her thinking, and what will she discuss when she takes to the stage at the Africa Forum on Business and Security?


Countdown to the Africa Forum on Business and Security

Leading figures from government, industry, research and the security sector from Africa and beyond will convene at the LAICO Regency Hotel in Nairobi from September 13th to 14th to discuss security and economic growth.  We spoke to Lieutenant General Andrew Graham, former Director General of the UK Defence Academy, about the need for such a platform, of the Continent’s potential and of his contribution […]


Tweets of the week Monday, September 3rd – Friday, September 7th 2012

We started the week by tweeting a story by Mike Trucano, the World Bank’s Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist, in which he looks at “10 trends in technology use in education in developing countries that you may not have heard about”  Is he on point, or are you familiar with these projects? Have your say on the eLearning Africa Facebook group or […]


Tweets of the week Monday, August 27th – Friday, August 31st 2012

Greetings, friends of eLearning Africa! What a week we’ve had!  From sharing views on down-to-earth eLearning strategies to news of a first-of-its-kind broadcast from the red planet, we’ve tweeted about a number of exciting developments in the field of ICT for education. Whether you’re a student, an educator or merely an interested bystander, you can have your say on the UNESCO Policy Guidelines on […]


Tweets of the week Monday, August 20th – Friday, August 24th, 2012

MOOCs (massive open online courses, for the uninitiated) are all the rage with more and more universities worldwide offering such courses. What do you as an eLearning enthusiast need to know about MOOCs?  We found this article something to tweet about:  We sought inspiration from distant shores on Tuesday.  This Washington Post article entitled “Apps that make a difference” looks at the lessons […]


Tweets of the week Monday, August 14th – Friday, August 17th, 2012

The week began on a nostalgic note as we reflected on the eLearning Africa 2012 conference and exhibition.  Take a look at this six-minute video which conveys just a fraction of the excitement of the discussions, debates, networking, and of course the learning that transpired when Africa’s leading eLearning practitioners from government, business and academia convened in Cotonou As those who attended eLearning […]