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Gamification : Why do Game Developers and educators need to collaborate in Africa

Games are an effective and efficient instructional strategy for teaching and learning when they involved competition and are organized by rules to achieve an educational goal. Video games are a fun and safe environment, where students can try alternatives and see the consequences, learning from their own mistakes and practical experiences. Serious games have proven to be equally or even more effective than traditional […]

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Team Afri One win GIZ Hackathon for Social Good

In April, we brought you the news of the GIZ Gamification Hackathon for Social Good, which took place in May in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of eLearning Africa 2015. The event brought together makers from across Africa for a unique event that channelled their creativity, innovation and sheer endurance to come up with gamified solutions to social problems.

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Africa’s gaming industry takes flight

To an observer, the matatu minibuses darting through Nairobi’s congested streets seem like a grave threat to public safety. But to Kenya’s developers, these death-defying taxis look like a smartphone game just waiting to be created. In Ma3Racer, developed by Kenya’s Planet Ruckus, gamers must dodge pedestrians, bikes and trucks, all while driving a rickety matatu bus. The app has proven a hit with […]

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Examining eHealth in Africa

Whether they are collating data on disease, monitoring health trends, combating misinformation or facilitating cooperation between medical centres, African eHealth initiatives are leading the way towards higher standards of living and health on the Continent. With eLearning Africa 2013 set to subject eHealth to a detailed examination, the news service explored a few initiatives that offer a promising prognosis for Africa’s health sector.