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It takes a global village to raise 21st-century children

One of the key conversations in education today revolves around the solutions ICT tools can deliver. Can it contribute to increasing access? Can it improve the quality of education? Can it help make education more relevant? Can we leverage ICT for skills development? And fundamentally, how does technology affect the roles of the teachers and the students? Finland is a country that leads in […]

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‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’: Africa’s Opportunity or a Catastrophe in Waiting?

The world is heading towards a ‘fourth industrial revolution, according to technology experts. But is this good or bad news for Africans? Does it signify the approach of a new age of opportunity, in which Africa will leapfrog its competitors, or is it more likely to be a disaster in which jobs are lost, traditional industries are destroyed and Africa enters a new age […]

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How Schools-Focused Tech Can Fix Africa’s Connectivity Problem

After attending e-Learning Africa 2017, ApplianSys Director of Technology Roger Clark set out to document how modern network technology can transform African connectivity and accelerate e-Learning rollout. Following an extensive study of network traffic patterns in connected classrooms in 12 countries, Roger is joining the 2018 conference to share insights from that research, but here’s a foretaste.   African nations are on a journey […]

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Panel Talks Explore eLearning as a Tool to Secure Employability

Four comprehensive panel talks at this year’s eLearning Africa conference, taking place in Mauritius from September 27 to 29, will explore how technology enhanced learning can be used to develop useful and lifelong skills that are attractive to employers and reinforce learners’ employability. The thoughtfully devised sessions will examine how technology can be used across a wide range of education and training models to […]

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Scaling up education without letting quality slide

‘Scaling up’ has been a recurrent theme in discussions surrounding education and technology in recent years. The rise of the internet – and its attendant connectivity – is seen by many as representing a golden opportunity for the scaling up of educational projects in Africa. With its rapidly growing young population increasingly representing an ever greater demand for education, upscaling has indeed moved from […]


eLearning Africa Debate 2015: Move over higher education

On the final evening of the 2015 eLearning Africa conference, four education experts came together to debate a motion, which co-Chairperson Mor Seck, President of the Association of African Distance Learning Centres (AADLC), described as “one of the hottest topics in African education”: ‘This House believes that Africa needs vocational training more than academic education’.

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University degrees or vocational qualifications: Which side are you on?

This year the eLearning Africa plenary debate will tackle an important issue for the whole of Africa, as countries look for ways to alleviate youth unemployment and address critical skills shortages. On Friday evening, May 22, four education experts will debate the motion that: ‘This House believes that Africa needs vocational training more than academic education’.


Higher Education back on the development agenda

The Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank are attracting thousands to Washington, DC, this year, an unusually large number. This year is particularly important for international development because it ushers in the United Nations’ new ‘Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030)’ as the ‘Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015)’ come to an end.


How the revolution failed Egypt’s students

In his opinion piece, originally published in the eLearning Africa Report 2014, Dr Leslie Croxford, Senior Vice-President for teaching and learning at the British University in Cairo, examines how historic events have shaped Egypt’s higher education system. He reflects on how opportunities for reform arose from the 1952 Egyptian Revolution but, despite student uprising, the Revolution of 2011 failed to meet calls for change. Find the reply […]


ICT enters Egypt higher education debate

A recent opinion piece in the eLearning Africa Report 2014 took aim at Egyptian higher education, claiming that the system has been ‘unable to reform itself’ to meet certain student expectations. However, this article painted just one picture; another, one which shows attempts to create a solid higher education structure, together with effective policies and programmes – especially in regard to ICT – is […]