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Educating Women for a Changing Planet

It’s no secret that educating women and girls is critical to sustainable development, economic growth, environmental stewardship, and a host of other factors key to humanity’s future. Educated women have more agency, marry later, and have fewer, and healthier, children. They are more resilient to economic and environmental shocks. The benefits of educating girls and women are clear. But what if we could do […]

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It takes a global village to raise 21st-century children

One of the key conversations in education today revolves around the solutions ICT tools can deliver. Can it contribute to increasing access? Can it improve the quality of education? Can it help make education more relevant? Can we leverage ICT for skills development? And fundamentally, how does technology affect the roles of the teachers and the students? Finland is a country that leads in […]

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The ATOE project and the African Union’s Pan-Africanist Agenda 2063 – ICTs to help revive African identity

By Mbombog and Chief Gaston Donnat BAPPA ba Matimbhe, Cameroon Africa will unite despite the obstacles it has faced for many centuries with the Pan-Africanism movement as a foundation. The effort to achieve this unity encompasses the need for Africans at home and in diasporas around the world to go back to their roots, sources, customs, and traditions as well as to regain and embrace […]

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A digital intervention to successfully train literacy and numeracy skills in Kakuma, Kenya

Along with the other arid and semi-arid lands, Turkana county has one of the lowest indicators of economic and social development in Kenya, with youth and women being the most affected. Across the county, youth not only face structural barriers to work but also deal with social and cultural blocks. This equally affects women and newly-arrived refugees. The key barriers hindering the absorption of […]


Powering rural Uganda

We’ve all heard about the solar classroom – but what are the realities of solar power, from a businessman’s perspective? Is it really the answer to affordable and sustainable energy – or are there hidden costs involved? The eLearning Africa News Team’s Kwesi Brako caught up with Edward Ntumwa to find out. So for those who don’t know, can you tell us a little […]

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Social media rebranding agriculture

Eds: Many thanks to Adebola Adedugbe for agreeing to do the interview after a lengthy power cut in Abuja! Energetic, resourceful young Africans make up roughly 50% of the Continent’s population. And their rising numbers go hand in hand with a decreasing agricultural workforce. Waves of young people migrate from rural to urban areas in search of white-collar jobs and better earnings. Why pick […]


UAVs with ISPs

This week, find out about what drones could do for internet in Africa and the image makeover needed in technical colleges. Meanwhile, rivalry with neighbour Kenya seems to be all the rage in Uganda’s printed media – see how the two countries compare on higher education and on tourism, below… Uganda news in brief: M7 and PM Mbabazi relations reach all-time low (Observer) ++++ […]

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Technology Innovation Hubs in Africa: Creating Opportunities for Peer Learning and Knowledge Exchange

As hotspots for local IT communities, innovation hubs provide powerful opportunities for social innovation and community empowerment. But how can hubs ensure that all their activities, including community building, tools, services and workshops pay their way and help to build sustainable replicable environments for local empowerment? Join participants involved in hubs all across the Continent at this eLearning Africa pre-conference workshop to exchange knowledge, […]