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Voices from Africa – Gertjan van Stam, Macha, Zambia

Among the various jobs Gertjan van Stam does is to work as the Technical Director of MIAM and as an ICT expert for Churches Health Association of Zambia and to serve as a trustee of Flying Mission in Zambia. Previously he held positions as an international business development manager and strategist at KPN, the incumbent telecom operator in the Netherlands. He also operated his […]


eLearning Africa Interview with Dr. Mor Seck, Director, SENEGAL DLC, Senegal

      Information and communication technologies (ICTs) can help to democratise Africa, says Mor Seck, who heads the Senegal Global Distance Learning centre of the World Bank’s Global Development Learning Network (GDLN). With more than twenty years of experience in the public sector and in higher education, Dr. Seck is an ardent supporter of ICT for education and training. He will be one […]


Interview with Mor Seck, Director of the Distance Learning Center in Senegal

The Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) is a global partnership of learning centers that offers the use of advanced information and communication technologies to connect people working in development around the world. By applying tools and services developed in the field of distance learning, GDLN Affiliates enable organizations, teams and individuals around the world to communicate, share knowledge and learn from each others’ experiences […]


The African Virtual University | Interview with the Rector, Mr. Kuzvinetsa Peter Dzvimbo

Africa is an enormous continent with 53 countries and a population of over 700 million people, over fifty per cent of whom are under 20 years of age. There is a high demand for quality education at the tertiary level on the continent. The African Virtual University (AVU) is an innovative educational organization whose objective is to enhance capacity and support economic development by […]


Development, Education and ICT in Africa– Interview with Shafika Isaacs

Increased availability of online educational resources and widespread interest and enthusiasm for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) enhanced education are driving the search for ICT based approaches that can work in Africa. The use of ICT is dramatically changing the way in which formal and informal learning is taking place at every conceivable level of society. Yet there are fundamental differences in the way […]


Health training on a large scale

At the beginning of February 2006, the eLearning Africa 2006 team received an e-mail from a firm called CompuTainer that caught our attention. It said (excerpts), “Due to the overwhelming demand for us to send demo CDs (we have had requests from over 200 companies) we have decided to make a download demo version available for your convenience. Together with our long-term partner LearnScapes, […]