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“Everyone Should Learn to Code”, Steve Jobs – 1995

By Evelyne Beguinot
Happy Coders Academy (HCA) is an African start-up founded in Morocco in 2016 at the initiative of three associates (from Morocco, Senegal, and France) train children as little as 4 to code and teach them stakes of the digital revolution. Although apparently ambitious, this goal draws
from the belief that the future generation should understand the digital world […]

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‘Don’t overthink, just do it!’: Top 10 tips from Africa’s tech entrepreneurs

Few now doubt the potential of Africa’s tech scene. Analysts and economists the world over frequently cite Africa as the ‘next big thing’, primed to pick up the reigns from where the economies of the ‘Asian Tigers’ left off. The continent has always had entrepreneurs, but never before has so much attention been focused toward their activities, the success of which is seen as […]

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Ethiopia’s tech economy on the rise

Despite setbacks, Ethiopia’s tech economy has been making strides, luring entrepreneurs from throughout Africa and gaining international recognition.  This is due to a mix of increased government support for ICT development and the establishment of start-up incubators and hubs that are creating an ideal landscape for the tech industry to grow. By Steven Blum Now home to 1,000 members, incubator iceaddis is the first […]


Untapping Ugandan genius

“Facilitating genius” in Uganda is the startup incubator and co-working space Hive Colab, which proudly has over 350 members, who are a part of the group either in person or virtually. by Georgia Gilson We spoke with Brian Ndyaguma, the organisation’s operations manager, to find out a bit more about the project and the tech startup scene in Kampala. He and some of the […]