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Field Stories

The Push for “Free” Universal Education in Africa Often Falls Short—Here’s a Better Way

By Efosa Ojomo
I grew up in Nigeria where nearly half the population still lives in extreme poverty. But even for most who are desperately poor, education is highly valued as a majority of children—more than 70%—attend primary school and nearly half attend secondary school. Many also go on to attain higher education degrees. This push for education […]


The only way out of poverty is…

A youth leader with a passion for community development, Eric Mbotiji often travels to villages throughout his country Cameroon to identify the educational and health-related needs of local communities and its young people. A frequent blogger for UNICEF Voices of Youth and Advocates for Youth, Mbotiji has written a guest post for eLearning Africa to share his latest experience – travelling to Northern Cameroon […]

Field Stories

The final road to reach 2015 MDGs

As the 2015 target date looms for UN member countries to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals – which range from providing universal primary education to combatting HIV/AIDS and other diseases – the UN Millennium Development Goals Report 2014 reveals what targets have been met, what areas are lacking and, with a final push, what goals are still in reach.  By Annika Burgess


Educating women and girls: is this the key to meeting the Millennium Development Goals?

The Millennium Development Goals have come under critical fire for engaging with social issues in a largely statistical manner. The targets and indicators used to measure progress tend to be more quantitative than qualitative, failing to take into account the stories, complexities and experiences behind the statistics, particularly when it comes to the continuing prevalence of gender inequality. eLearning Africa will offer participants the chance […]