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Field Stories

Lessons Learned from a Training of Trainers Model in Africa

By Dr. Corinne Brion, University of Dayton
Few adequate educational leadership trainings are available for school leaders in Africa Bush & Oduro, 2006). Due to the lack of professional development in leadership, the use of a Training of Trainers (TOT) model appears to an effective way to build the capacity of large numbers of school leaders. For the past few years, Dr. Paula Cordeiro […]


Electrifying Uganda

This week, find out about the innovations about to take off in Uganda – the Smart Pen aimed at improving fisheries, the electric bus that could well soon be seen on the streets of Kampala and the hubs that are making all this digital entrepreneurship possible – read on… Police set up cyber-crime unit – free speech activists raise concern (Monitor) ++++ Ugandans abroad […]

Field Stories

International Mother Language Day 2014

It’s impossible to encapsulate the variety of Africa’s languages in a single picture. The Continent’s complex history has had an equally complex effect on language. Some languages are vast, spoken over great distances by tens of millions. Some are tiny, spoken by single villages, towns or tribes. Many of these languages, which each encode millennia of tradition, history and culture, are critically endangered: one […]


“No country can make progress on the basis of a borrowed language”

Professor Kwesi Kwaa Prah is the founder of the Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS), a civil society, Pan-African organisation which focuses on African development through the lens of cultural, social, historical, political and economic research. Currently, through the CASAS Harmonization and Standardization of African Languages Project, Professor Prah and CASAS are working towards improving African literacy rates. By forming standardised groupings […]