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Internet for education in Africa

There is no doubt that the Internet is a powerful enabler for education as it provides access to information, different learning opportunities and new ideas that could contribute to both social and economic development. However, it is important to remember that well over half of the world’s population has no direct experience of using the Internet at all. In Africa, according to the latest […]

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It takes a global village to raise 21st-century children

One of the key conversations in education today revolves around the solutions ICT tools can deliver. Can it contribute to increasing access? Can it improve the quality of education? Can it help make education more relevant? Can we leverage ICT for skills development? And fundamentally, how does technology affect the roles of the teachers and the students? Finland is a country that leads in […]

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The eLearning Africa Debate

“This house believes that there is now nothing more important to education than access to the Internet” As the conference drew to a close on Friday night, participants came together for one final showdown. The annual eLearning Africa Debate is a grand finale not to be missed, and as the audience settled down and the speakers took to the stage to take on the […]

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Internet above all?

Is the Internet now so important to the way we interact in the world that it is the number one necessity for education? Should connecting to the Internet be at the top of the agenda for Africa’s schools – or does the drive to provide access overshadow other equally important educational hurdles? With our modern obsession with connectivity, are we neglecting the fact that […]


Reaching Africa’s remotest

The development of Africa’s communications infrastructure reflects many of the complexities inherent in the situation of the Continent. Any examination of it must deal with matters of scale: the Internet is a fractal network spread over vast and minute distances, linking landmasses, countries, towns, villages and people across the world. On the continental level, there are the satellites and the undersea cables which, since […]


Mali to offer free Internet domains

Mali has become the first African nation to offer free Internet domains, joining just a handful of nations across the world. The move to provide free domains has been explained as an effort to encourage the use and development of Mali’s IT industry, and to demonstrate the technological opportunities that the small landlocked African nation has to offer.  “We are proud to be the […]