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Hope flies Drones

It is amazing to think what human ambition is truly capable of; particularly turning something of great adversity into one of hope, change agent none the less. If you had asked many people a few years ago what a drone was, don’t be surprised if the responses were aligned to a killing machine. The use of remotely piloted aircraft, otherwise known as drones, were […]


Information is the major driver in development

The Yazmi story starts with two satellites, in orbit above Africa and Asia, originally used to broadcast radio across the Eastern hemisphere. It is in these two satellites that company Chairman and CEO Noah Samara has found a solution to one of education’s major global problems: that of delivering quality content and information where it is most needed. “The problem is not the organisation […]


The World Wide Web at 25: how Africa connects

Today marks 25 years exactly since Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the concept of the World Wide Web. To celebrate the News Team has put together this infographic showing the major arteries of Internet communication that (alongside satellite links) give Africa access to the Web, and the effect they have on the countries they serve. The story of Africa’s undersea cables goes back fifteen years. […]


Intra-African cooperation: landlocked?

We’ve heard the clichés: we live in an interconnected global village in which is it just as easy to interact with a stranger on the other side of the planet as it is to talk to your next-door-neighbour. In fact, in some instances it may even be easier to reach that stranger living thousands of miles away; for the ever-optimistic borderless outlook of our […]


The Union at 50

The 50th anniversary of the African Union – May 25th – marks an opportunity to celebrate half a century of Pan-African ideas. The Union, formerly the Organisation for African Unity (OAU), has managed to last a good thirty years longer than the current European Union – though, during those years, it has never been far from controversy. Based on a compromise between federalism and […]


Reaching Africa’s remotest

The development of Africa’s communications infrastructure reflects many of the complexities inherent in the situation of the Continent. Any examination of it must deal with matters of scale: the Internet is a fractal network spread over vast and minute distances, linking landmasses, countries, towns, villages and people across the world. On the continental level, there are the satellites and the undersea cables which, since […]