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Uganda makes small steps toward eGovernment

In this last edition of the Uganda News Review, Mark Keith Muhumuza takes a look at the technology projects that are slowly but surely changing the face of government in Uganda – as presented at eLearning Africa 2014’s session, “Local Initiatives: Current ICT Projects from Uganda” Piles of manila files are a common scene in Ugandan public services, in the hospitals, land offices and tax […]

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Social media rebranding agriculture

Eds: Many thanks to Adebola Adedugbe for agreeing to do the interview after a lengthy power cut in Abuja! Energetic, resourceful young Africans make up roughly 50% of the Continent’s population. And their rising numbers go hand in hand with a decreasing agricultural workforce. Waves of young people migrate from rural to urban areas in search of white-collar jobs and better earnings. Why pick […]

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In the popular imagination, “desertification” in the Sahara conjures up an image of inexorable walls of sand advancing, as the climate warms, southwards into the Sahel. In reality, the situation is more complex. Climate change does have an impact on land degradation in the semi-arid belt that skirts the desert: but it is only part of the picture. Global warming increases the frequency of […]


Information is the major driver in development

The Yazmi story starts with two satellites, in orbit above Africa and Asia, originally used to broadcast radio across the Eastern hemisphere. It is in these two satellites that company Chairman and CEO Noah Samara has found a solution to one of education’s major global problems: that of delivering quality content and information where it is most needed. “The problem is not the organisation […]


ICT builds bridges

The morning’s catch of fish has been heaped up to roast on a griddle over an open fire.  Smoke rises, filling the hut. Daniel, a member of the Ago-Egun fishing community in Ajeromi Ifelodun, Lagos, gets out his phone and starts making calls: he needs to tell his many customers that the fish are nearly done. In a business like fishing communication is vital. […]

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ICT, social media and an image make-over for farming in Kenya (repost)

Until recently, many young Kenyans saw farming as an unskilled, unrewarding profession, suitable only for the retired or the uneducated. Now, however, a group of determined young farmers are challenging traditional prejudices and trying to explain the attractions of farming as a profession. They are the ‘Mkulima Young Champions’ and have become figureheads for a digital initiative to change the way farmers are viewed […]

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Seeds 2.0 to Modernise and Boost the Agricultural Sector

“Really? But what has the agricultural sector got to do with Web 2.0?” That was the sarcastic question I was asked one day when I was describing the Web 2.0 training that I provide to CTA (the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation). It was an understandable question; on the one hand the Web 2.0 concept seemed to be a current reality reserved […]

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Social Learning: a Namibian Experiment

In Sub-Saharan Africa, innovative approaches are constantly being developed to address the region’s acute education challenges. Low literacy levels, inadequate school facilities, and high dropout rates are felt acutely, particularly in rural areas. Despite government initiatives to tackle these issues, accessing education remains difficult for some, especially those who have abandoned their studies and find it difficult to re-join school or gain employment in […]