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AfDB Launches Innovative Entrepreneurship Programme for Moroccan Graduates

By Francis KOKUTSE, journalist and media consultant based inAccra, Ghana.  The African Development (AfDB) has extended an innovative process called the Souk At-tanmia (“Market for Development”) programme in southern Morocco to promote entrepreneurship among graduates. The concept fits into what Albert Nsengiyumva, executive secretary of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), says is necessary in order to win the war that has […]

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AfDB Special Session: Scaling Up ICT for Education, Capacity Development and Knowledge Dissemination

Despite considerable advances, many Africans lack the capacities to take advantage of the unique opportunities that will accompany what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ITC provides tools that can support faster growth and help increase prosperity. Public-private cooperation and smart public policy are required to deploy ITCs in a way that fosters education, qualification programmes, and learning in general. This session will […]