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Cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought: Why having a cyber governance strategy is essential for today’s organisations!

Managing cyber risk is no longer something that can be covered with interesting questions from corporate execs and general presentations from the CIO a couple of times a year. Beyond the brutal fact that a ransomware attack can lay an organisaton lame for months and cost a fortune to survive, the chaos caused by cyber attacks has led to the establishment of an ISO […]


My experience as student in Sudan during Covid-19

By Mahid Abdulkarim
It has been decades since the world had been affected by a virus as much as it has now. It appears there is now a general agreement that nothing is the same anymore. Everyone’s life has taken a turn in the past few months. Whether it’s your online education, work from home or in sanitized offices, your daily routines or your […]

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The eLearning Africa 2019 Report

The eLearning Africa Report 2019, which provides a snapshot of the state of education, training and development on the continent, interviewed more than 900 education professionals and technology experts about key issues, including progress towards the United Nations’ goal of universal access to quality education by 2030. The goal (UN SDG 4) is set out in the UN’s list of sustainable development goals (SDGs), […]


Multi-directional Academic Knowledge Exchange from and about Africa: Exploring the Preprint Repository AfricArXiv

Authors of this article are some of the team members at AfricArXiv: Justin Sègbédji Ahinon, Joy Owango, Obasegun Ayodele, Luke Okelo, Ahmed Ogunlaya and Jo Havemann
“Academic Research and knowledge from and about Africa should be freely available to all who wish to access, use or reuse it while at the same time being protected from misuse and misappropriation.” This is the first out of […]

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Setting the Standard: The Ivorian Woman Showing How to Create Digital Jobs and Businesses

When historians look back at our age and reflect on this crucial moment in history, as Africa faces the tantalising but realistic prospect of becoming what the African Union calls a ‘transformed continent,’ in which sustained prosperity takes root and malnutrition and disease are finally eradicated, they may conclude that three factors in particular led to economic success: a determined effort to develop the […]

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How will robots change the world?

By Bernadine Racoma of Day Translations. Robots are no longer instantly equated with cyborgs, armed metal creatures, and manned or autonomous humanoid machines. Even the term Android nowadays is more often understood as the mobile operating system developed by Google. People have gone past the typical concept of a robot, as most are already aware of the different forms and applications of robotics.  Robotics […]


E-Learning for Kids Bridges The Educational Divide For Children Ages 5-12 With FREE Lessons And Partnerships In Africa

Access to computers and internet is growing in Africa – but high-quality educational courseware is still out of reach for many schools, parents and children.  The e-Learning for Kids Foundation (EFK), a global non-profit foundation dedicated to opening doors to education worldwide, has entered into many exciting partnerships with schools, organizations and non-profits throughout the African continent by making available their proven 800+ digital […]


The Next Frontier in Solving Africa’s Problems – eLearning

By Wycliffe Omanya, Plan International In an event with over a thousand delegates, 68 parallel sessions, 50 exhibition booths, and 18 sector representation, the 13th eLearning Africa conference in Kigali, Rwanda was a place saturated with knowledge, learning, and networking opportunities. This year’s eLearning Africa, like its predecessors, presented an array of thematic conversations and cutting-edge technologies that are practical, timely, and relevant for Africa’s […]


Innovations in Humanitarian Learning

By John Nduri, Learning and Knowledge Management Advisor, Humanitarian Leadership Academy East Africa It is not debatable that humanitarian crises are widespread across the world, with African populations bearing the brunt of more recurrent and severe natural and man-made disasters. In contributing to preparedness and response, local, national and international humanitarian organisations have been involved in various ways for decades, which begs the question: […]


Internet for education in Africa

There is no doubt that the Internet is a powerful enabler for education as it provides access to information, different learning opportunities and new ideas that could contribute to both social and economic development. However, it is important to remember that well over half of the world’s population has no direct experience of using the Internet at all. In Africa, according to the latest […]