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The unsung local heroes who are really changing Africa

A revolution is occurring throughout African societies. While governments implement high-level, high-visibility ICT strategies, experts have recently identified far more radical, hidden changes occurring across the Continent. New technologies, when adopted, are adapted to local needs: a sort of under-the-radar innovation which is now pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Conference sneak preview

Powering classroom learning with Dell cloud client computing

Classroom technology can transform the learning experience. With Dell cloud client computing you’ll discover how to use it to meet your goal of raising education standards.  How? Dell cloud client computing understands what technology is beneficial to have in the classroom – and what’s not. Just by moving complex technology and management away from the classroom, leaves you with powerful easy-to use class computers […]


Africa’s smartphone revolution

Smartphone use in Africa is on the rise, and major mobile makers and distributors are starting to pay attention to the emerging African market by producing devices that cater to the needs of the developing region. How will increased smartphone use revolutionise the way education takes place in Africa?

Field Stories

Capturing the Continent’s creativity

Can ICT in Africa enrich and support traditional lifestyles and cultures? It certainly seems so, at least according to the entries already submitted to the 2013 eLearning Africa Photo Competition. Its theme, “Tradition and ICT Innovation: a couple with potential”, has drawn some inspiring work from budding photographers across the Continent, and will surely continue to attract more attention both in Africa and worldwide […]