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Powering classroom learning with Dell cloud client computing

DellClassroom technology can transform the learning experience. With Dell cloud client computing you’ll discover how to use it to meet your goal of raising education standards.

 How? Dell cloud client computing understands what technology is beneficial to have in the classroom – and what’s not. Just by moving complex technology and management away from the classroom, leaves you with powerful easy-to use class computers that just work. Enabling your teachers to do much more of what they do best: teach.

 You too can power your classroom learning with Dell. Meet us in the exhibition area and join our sessions.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at eLearning Africa 2013 in Windhoek, Namibia this May. During your stay you’re invited to discover how Dell cloud client computing is Powering Classroom Learning.

And – more importantly – how it’s transformed the learning experience of pupils, students, teachers and their communities right across Africa and around the globe.

Witness how Dell is doing this by: Joining a session. Seeing the technology for your self on the Dell stand in the exhibition area. And by meeting the people who’ll personally show you how you can plan your own strategy.


Powering classroom learning.

Classroom technology can transform the learning experience. But if it’s to truly meet your goals of raising education standards, it needs to be constantly accessible, easy to work with and empower the teachers and students that use it.

That’s where Dell cloud client computing can help. It understands what technology is beneficial to have in the classroom and what’s not. With Dell all the complex technology and management tasks are moved away from the classroom to central servers and looked after there. Leaving nothing but easy-to-use computers in the your classroom that just work. This way your teachers can do more of what they do best: deliver better learning outcomes while improving your education standards.


Over 30 years of powering classroom learning.

Dell cloud client computing harnesses the expertise of Wyse Technology – the global leader in cloud client computing, acquired by Dell in May 2012.

The result? Over 30 years of insight, expertise and practical experience in delivering tested and proven classroom computing is now at your fingertips with Dell.

  • Expertise delivered: Case study –Mamoeketsi School – Lesotho
  • The Location: Lesotho. The Date: Jun 26rd 2012
  • The Mission: to implement an affordable, low-maintenance IT solution to Provide its students with access to the internet, supporting research and collaboration.


  • Expertise delivered: Case study – Solar Powered Classroom in a box
  • The location: Ijebu Ode, Nigeria. The date: May 6th 2013.
  • The mission: To provide a self-contained classroom in a box to the local education authorities to help boost and support the national curriculum’s roll-out across the district. This specially adapted secure shipping container features all the classroom technology needed for up to ten students and one teacher.


How you can learn more.

We know your time at eLearning Africa is precious. So we’ve made understanding how to put Dell cloud client computing to work for you – quick and easy.


See and hear it in action

  • Powering Classroom Learning with Dell
    Hear from Stewart van Graan, General Manager: Dell Southern & Central Africa. Learn about the latest trends and how they impact your classroom learning.
  • Classroom Learning: Transformed. With Dell cloud client computing.
    Hear first hand the experience of – Moliehi Sekese, Head Teacher of Mamoeketsi School – Lesotho, our case study at eLearning Africa.
    Also discover a wealth of insightful education case studies and success stories shared by David Angwin and Ricardo Quina from Dell.


Sharing the best practices of sustainable classroom computing.

A short case study on Dell’s solar powered classroom will set the scene for this interactive session. Please bring – and be ready to share – your experiences of best practice at your school or college.


Try it for yourself

Visit Dell in the exhibition area.

Meet the team for your one-to-one classroom technology review:

Solar Powered Classroom in a Box.

  • See the technology.
  • Try the classroom experience.
  • Meet the experts behind it.


Reliable, manageable classroom workstations from Dell.

Discover the power of a traditional computing solution – without the complexity and distractions.


One-to-one with Dell

  • Meet with members of the Dell cloud client computing team.
  • Share your own classroom computing experiences and concerns.
  • Discuss your own needs and plan your strategy.


Whether you’re involved in strategic planning, consulting, school IT management – or teaching – you’ll gain a clear and simple understanding of how you can improve your classroom learning experience with Dell.


Stay one step ahead.

Book your one-to-one session here:


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