UNESCO & IFIP: Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum

UNESCO in partnership with the International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners (IFIP), is set to host a momentous global education event at UNESCO’s Headquarters, located at the historic Place de Fontenoy in Paris. The Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum will take place on March 14th -15th, 2024.

The primary objectives of the Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum are as follows:

Recognise and Pay Tribute:

We aim to recognize and pay tribute to the dedicated work of practitioners worldwide who strive to include all learners in quality and inclusive learning environments.

Promote Innovative Practices:

Our goal is to promote and share innovative inclusive educational practices that foster inclusion in education, creating a brighter future for all.

Influence Policy:                               

We seek to identify key recommendations and messages that will inform policymakers and practitioners, thereby contributing to the advancement of inclusive education on a global scale.

This prestigious event will bring together attendees and speakers who are globally renowned leaders, influencers, and practitioners in the field of education and inclusion. Participants will hail from diverse regions, including Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Africa.

Furthermore, the Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum will be preceded by an event, also hosted by UNESCO, on March 13, 2024, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Salamanca Statement of Principles. This statement, adopted and widely endorsed in 1994, laid down the fundamental principles of inclusion in education.

Participating in this conference represents an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a historic and impactful global event. The theme, “From Practice to Policy,” underscores the importance of your voice in influencing governments worldwide.

All delegates wishing to attend either of the events must complete the application form no later than 28th December:

In conjunction with the Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum, IFIP is proud to host the Global Inclusion Awards. This isn’t just about celebrating a single category winner but encouraging and promoting outstanding inclusive practices, so we can learn how to achieve inclusion effectively and promote this shared global aspiration. . Learn more about the Global Inclusion Awards here.

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  1. Alfred Chepkwony

    Global Inclusion Awards will spur inclusive innovations in countries that yearn change. Africa is in need of support to unyoke from the shackles of exclusive learning environments. I wish to be part of the change to meaningful inclusion in education.

  2. Paseka Mollo

    I’m interested in participating in this forum. Unfortunately, now I got this invitation late. I will attend and participate next time. Please email me any information that will be shared at the forum. See you next time.


    Dr. Paseka Mollo

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