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The week that was: Monday,  July 9th – Friday, July 13th, 2012—The week began with news that universities in the Middle East and North Africa will soon have access to virtual science libraries, giving them easy access to peer-reviewed journals.  Take a look at this report by SciDev on‪.

On Tuesday, we learnt that Tanzania is now taking its school record keeping to the next level with its new Centralised Students’ Information system.  Administrators, teachers and parents will be able to monitor the students’ progress.  Read all about it on

Mobile learning is all the rage, but what does it take to get such a programme up and running in a school? A UNESCO report we came across on Wednesday the 11th is truly enlightening

The news from Zambia on Thursday was that tablets and smart boards are improving special needs in education in Zambia

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for educators looking for the next big thing.  There are twenty must-see teaching tools coming to a classroom near you.  Read more on

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