Tweets of the week Monday, July 30th – Friday, August 3rd, 2012

YouTube hit a milestone recently, and they now have four million Creative Commons-Licensed Videos   On higher education, we learnt that the Pan-African University is to enrol students from September 2012, so just a few weeks to go.  Centres will be housed at various tertiary institutions Continent-wide, SciDevNet reports  Onto a slightly younger age group, @educationweek posed a good question: “Duz Txting Hurt Yr Kidz Gramr?” Judge for yourself here: Some youths who are using technology responsibly are those plying their trade at the many technology hubs sprouting up across Africa. Take a look at this infographic showing some of Africa’s many technology innovation hubs  One hub to shine this week was @iceaddis where young IT developers are taking the market by storm. The development of home-grown solutions is a theme we have followed closely on the eLearning Africa news desk (see We have also covered one-to-one computing initiatives (see, so this news on Thursday was something to tweet about: “OLPC brings tablet capability to aging XO laptop with touchscreen” Still on the theme of making education accessible to all, Daphne Koller’s talk filmed at TEDGlobal 2012 was indeed thought-provoking.  Watch her give her take on “What we’re learning from online education” in this twenty-minute presentation  You could easily spend much more time going over this Internet map which depicts the volume of traffic on many websites – perfect for a Friday wind down!

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