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Monday, July 23th – Friday, July 27th, 2012

It’s always good to start the week on a positive note, and our Monday morning cheer came from this grassroots initiative for young unemployed Capetonians who are helping themselves  Finding NEMA: A New Education Model for Africa is an eLearning Africa News Service story on the strides the African Development Bank (AfDB) is making to support education Continent-wide.  Read all about it here:

A quick question for midweek: Will ‘virtual lectures’ help Zimbabwe contain its brain drain problem?  An American report questions the efficacy of full-time virtual schools.  However, the study focuses on K12 education in a a different context And just as sports lovers were turning to their screens for the start of the Olympics, we learnt a thing or two from Chris Leach’s article entitled “The Olympics, World Cup and Battle of Hastings – bringing real world events to life in class” Indeed – let the games begin!

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