The Report “The Effect of Covid-19 on Education in Africa and its Implications for the Use of Technology” has just been published by eLearning Africa and the EdTech Hub

Key Findings

1. There has been widespread school closure across Africa in response to the pandemic and 97% of respondents reported school closures in their countries, and 95% of these noted that all schools had been forced to close. This was seen as an appropriate decision, as 92% of respondents expressed that the closures were essential. 

2. A lack of access to technology is considered to be the biggest barrier for learning during the current pandemic together with school closures. Respondents felt that learners in rural communities are those most likely to be disadvantaged as a result. The most cited limitation is the lack of availability and affordability of connectivity. 

3. Early childhood and primary level students are seen to be most likely to be disadvantaged by the crisis and least likely to be able to access the technologies required for learning. 

4. Educational TV and radio are seen as the most important technologies for sustaining learning for students at the primary level. At the secondary level, online learning is considered to be the most important. 

5. Survey results show that the large majority of educators have not received financial support for teaching and learning tools to help them continue teaching in the crisis, and do not feel there has been sufficient preparation to help them adapt.

6. The majority of respondents – 83% – think that national curriculums should be adapted for the future in response to the current crisis, to enable more effective distance learning.

7. Half of all respondents – 50% – think that in the most significant long term effect of the crisis will be that it leads to new opportunities for education systems.

8. Some 85% of respondents anticipate that the current crisis will lead to more widespread use of technology in education in the future. However, they also note that this will lead to significant challenges for the most marginalised and may increase inequality.

Download the full report here:

The Effect of Covid-19 on Education in Africa and its Implications for the Use of Technology


  1. Thank you so much for your reflection. I have been very troubled and I found getting back in touch with the basics was very helpful – so glad you found it so too and you chose to share that.

  2. Ce pays est merveilleux. Nous espérons lui rendre visite après la fin de cette pandémie, si Dieu le veut. Le bien connu de ce pays est son bon peuple, qui se caractérise par la gentillesse et la timidité.

  3. We as Africans must unite and support each other. And not to wait for aid to come from non-African countries. Because the duty now falls on the shoulders of the men of the African Union to put in place mechanisms that support the attempt to get out of the dark tunnel that always makes Africans in need of others.
    And also relying on the arsenal of minds in various fields, whose hearts love for their homelands still beats.

  4. Distance learning is no longer an option , it is a necessity more than ever

  5. It is a perfect post thank you

  6. I hope that africans will maste using of technology in all aspect of life

  7. Chibuike Ndubuisi Kenneth

    Thanks to e-learning Africa and EdTech hub for your commitment to educational development in Africa.

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