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Digital badges offer a paradigm shift in skills validation

At the moment, few places in the world are more interesting than Africa when it comes to discussions related to education and skills development. The Continent has unique challenges that differ from those in most of the world, but they also offer unique opportunities. This situation, combined with the fast rise of African countries’ standard of living and technological development, and the generally open […]

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Skills for the Nigerian workforce

Iyadunni Olubode is Executive Director of LEAP Africa – Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism. Through training programmes and publications, this organisation reaches out to thousands of Africans – predominantly youths and business owners. Their range of programmes, encompassing youth development training, leadership ethics and civics, and business leadership, have helped young people and entrepreneurs to acquire vital skills, share advice and practice, challenge corruption […]

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“Africa’s major asset is the youth”

Bitange Ndemo is a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi School of Business, and the former Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry for Information and Communication. It was in this position that he presided over many of the technological and social advances that have made his country into one of the most influential centres of ICT innovation in Africa. A prolific commentator on modern […]