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Multi-directional Academic Knowledge Exchange from and about Africa: Exploring the Preprint Repository AfricArXiv

Authors of this article are some of the team members at AfricArXiv: Justin Sègbédji Ahinon, Joy Owango, Obasegun Ayodele, Luke Okelo, Ahmed Ogunlaya and Jo Havemann
“Academic Research and knowledge from and about Africa should be freely available to all who wish to access, use or reuse it while at the same time being protected from misuse and misappropriation.” This is the first out of […]


3D printing drives innovation in Africa

Aortic valves, fighter jets, coral reefs… pizza? Just four of the headline-grabbing products dished out by 3D printers over the last two years. Alongside this dramatic experimentation with a not-so-very-new technology comes the usual round of wild speculation: a 3D printer for every home, the end of manufacturing as we know it; 3D-printed firearms, the end of civilisation as we know it. 3D printers […]


Origami meets microscopy

In this week’s Uganda News Review, find out about the dangers of high-tech crops and the blessings of low-tech health equipment, and how Uganda is planning to boost science teaching, libraries and eLearning. All this – and one reason why you’re never too old for school – read on… Uganda News in brief: Civil society activists petition the Constitutional court over anti-gays bill (Monitor) […]