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Dr Eric Hamilton – the “sublime, engrossing” experience of video

Dr Eric Hamilton is a Professor of Education with Joint Appointment in Mathematics at Pepperdine University, California. His education research has taken him across the globe: he is currently co-ordinating a Science Across Virtual Institutes project (SAVI), linking sixteen research groups in the USA and Finland. The SAVI is particularly interested in learner engagement and has formed links with Africa – a Kenyan “ICT […]

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Behind the Lens: meet the winners of the 4th eLearning Africa photo competition

The eLearning Africa Photo Competition 2013 attracted a flurry of exciting entries. Vying for the three jury prizes of a tablet, a digital camera and a smartphone, photographers from all over the Continent sent in their own photo-stories of “Tradition and Innovation”. This year, we even introduced a small innovation of our own: the “public vote” category, carrying the prize of a digital camera, […]

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A Spider Story: how a study circle becomes an agent of change

Let us begin by telling a story from a fishermen’s study circle in Kenya.  CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean East Africa) is an organization based in Mombasa, Kenya, that focuses on marine ecology and capacity building. This project using study circles is funded by Spider and its focus on education, empowerment and livelihoods strengthens the sustainability of both human […]

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Education in refugee camps

ICT has become an essential tool for humanitarian aid work, and its role in both education and healthcare throughout sub-Saharan Africa is indispensable: particularly its use in educating large groups of young refugees, from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of basic education and literacy. The eLearning Africa News Service took a look at the inspiring way ICT is being put to use in […]


Building lasting bridges: Good and bad eGovernment strategies in Africa

The successful implementation of ICT in governmental operations can help to bridge a gap between citizens and governments by promoting transparency and a more citizen-friendly style of government. When used effectively, eGovernment can act as a catalyst toward sustainable development and help to build and stabilise economies. However, technology is not the solution in itself, and governments need to think about exactly how to […]

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Capturing the Continent’s creativity

Can ICT in Africa enrich and support traditional lifestyles and cultures? It certainly seems so, at least according to the entries already submitted to the 2013 eLearning Africa Photo Competition. Its theme, “Tradition and ICT Innovation: a couple with potential”, has drawn some inspiring work from budding photographers across the Continent, and will surely continue to attract more attention both in Africa and worldwide […]