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GIZ at eLearning Africa 2014 Kampala, Uganda

Education is Innovation: Opening Frontiers to the Future We live in an information age, an age in which the simple click of a mouse can unveil unceasing innovation. In this digital world, technology can be a catalyst to education, independent of geography, socio-economics, gender, age, and other “qualifying” factors. This innovative environment has made the unknown known, has shattered roadblocks to collaboration and knowledge-sharing, […]

Conference sneak preview

Technology Innovation Hubs in Africa: Creating Opportunities for Peer Learning and Knowledge Exchange

As hotspots for local IT communities, innovation hubs provide powerful opportunities for social innovation and community empowerment. But how can hubs ensure that all their activities, including community building, tools, services and workshops pay their way and help to build sustainable replicable environments for local empowerment? Join participants involved in hubs all across the Continent at this eLearning Africa pre-conference workshop to exchange knowledge, […]