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Field Stories

The Push for “Free” Universal Education in Africa Often Falls Short—Here’s a Better Way

By Efosa Ojomo
I grew up in Nigeria where nearly half the population still lives in extreme poverty. But even for most who are desperately poor, education is highly valued as a majority of children—more than 70%—attend primary school and nearly half attend secondary school. Many also go on to attain higher education degrees. This push for education […]

Field Stories

Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Learning Transfer

By Corinne Brion, PhD, University of Dayton, U.S.A            Today, I invite you to Ghana to present the findings of a study that examined the extent to which mobile technology enhanced the transfer of learning post training. Seven school leaders from three different schools were interviewed after they attended a three-day leadership training. Additionally,  I sent conversation triggers twice a week using WhatsApp. For […]