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Multi-directional Academic Knowledge Exchange from and about Africa: Exploring the Preprint Repository AfricArXiv

Authors of this article are some of the team members at AfricArXiv: Justin Sègbédji Ahinon, Joy Owango, Obasegun Ayodele, Luke Okelo, Ahmed Ogunlaya and Jo Havemann
“Academic Research and knowledge from and about Africa should be freely available to all who wish to access, use or reuse it while at the same time being protected from misuse and misappropriation.” This is the first out of […]


“A prudent optimist”: President Ameenah Gurum-Fakim

When Dutch sailors first landed in Mauritius in 1598, they discovered an island paradise rich in lush, tropical vegetation and with abundant supplies of fresh water. They also famously found the dodo, which has been described as a “feathered tortoise,” a bird so fat that it could not fly. It provided an easy target and a ready supply of meat for even the most […]


African Libraries in the Digital Age: “reaching outside their walls”

“I have always imagined Paradise as a kind of library”, mused the Argentine writer Jorge Louis Borges in 1960. Now, fifty years later, most of us are more likely to turn to the Internet than a librarian when seeking information. Archives of books, journals and articles are being digitised and uploaded on a wide scale; encyclopaedias and dictionaries are not only available free-of-charge online […]

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Making African voices heard

If you rely on the Western-dominated global media for your picture of Africa, you will receive a very distorted view.  We all have our own experiences of stereotypical images, sweeping generalisations and the “famine and war” agenda that characterise so much of the reporting of Africa to the world.