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‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’: Africa’s Opportunity or a Catastrophe in Waiting?

The world is heading towards a ‘fourth industrial revolution, according to technology experts. But is this good or bad news for Africans? Does it signify the approach of a new age of opportunity, in which Africa will leapfrog its competitors, or is it more likely to be a disaster in which jobs are lost, traditional industries are destroyed and Africa enters a new age […]


eLearning Africa Debate 2015: Move over higher education

On the final evening of the 2015 eLearning Africa conference, four education experts came together to debate a motion, which co-Chairperson Mor Seck, President of the Association of African Distance Learning Centres (AADLC), described as “one of the hottest topics in African education”: ‘This House believes that Africa needs vocational training more than academic education’.

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University degrees or vocational qualifications: Which side are you on?

This year the eLearning Africa plenary debate will tackle an important issue for the whole of Africa, as countries look for ways to alleviate youth unemployment and address critical skills shortages. On Friday evening, May 22, four education experts will debate the motion that: ‘This House believes that Africa needs vocational training more than academic education’.

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The eLearning Africa Debate

“This house believes that there is now nothing more important to education than access to the Internet” As the conference drew to a close on Friday night, participants came together for one final showdown. The annual eLearning Africa Debate is a grand finale not to be missed, and as the audience settled down and the speakers took to the stage to take on the […]

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Internet above all?

Is the Internet now so important to the way we interact in the world that it is the number one necessity for education? Should connecting to the Internet be at the top of the agenda for Africa’s schools – or does the drive to provide access overshadow other equally important educational hurdles? With our modern obsession with connectivity, are we neglecting the fact that […]

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Innovation vs. Sustainability: A bare knuckle fight?

What should be the key motivator behind education policy and projects in Africa and around the globe? Should it be innovation and the pursuit of the newest, most revolutionary ideas and technologies to support new modes of teaching and learning? Or should it be sustainability: a focus on the practical, contextual needs of individual learning environments with the aim of delivering stable, long-lasting solutions? […]