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Conference sneak preview

AfDB Special Session: Scaling Up ICT for Education, Capacity Development and Knowledge Dissemination

Despite considerable advances, many Africans lack the capacities to take advantage of the unique opportunities that will accompany what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ITC provides tools that can support faster growth and help increase prosperity. Public-private cooperation and smart public policy are required to deploy ITCs in a way that fosters education, qualification programmes, and learning in general. This session will […]


Innovation and sustainable development: Strengthening linkages in the ICT ecosystem in Africa

As Africa pursues the transformation agenda, there is urgent need to bridge the knowledge and capacity gap that exists in many countries and sectors. For any society to reach a reasonable level of sustainable development, a carefully planned integration of technologies would be required. To achieve this level of technological advancement, Africa needs to create innovative processes not only in the acquisition or development […]

Field Stories

Changing the Landscape of Capacity Development through ICT

Today, the whole world is very bullish about Africa: a decade ago, a respected magazine called Africa the hopeless continent; now even it is acknowledging that Africa is rising. Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth momentum has been maintained over the past two decades and the prognosis is good. Despite substantial progress in reforming the overall policy environment it would appear that many African countries may not […]