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Plenaries to Explore The Future of Learning and Innovation in Africa

eLearning Africa 2024 features riveting plenaries at education’s cutting edge. Witness the “Learning Battle” as educators passionately pitch preferred methods, inviting attendees to join the heated debate or observe. Vote for the most impactful approach!  More

Gain insights on leveraging technology, indigenous knowledge, and global competencies to unlock Africa’s innovation potential through strategic education investment in the “Education Fuels Innovation” session. More

As digital transformation reshapes job markets, “Navigating the Future” explores strategies for impactful training and skills development aligned with future needs – fostering digital literacy, promoting entrepreneurship, and utilising technology. More

The Great Learning Debate sees teams clash over whether traditional education will become obsolete. Expect fervent arguments with mid-speech interventions and audience Q&A before the decisive house vote. More…

Don’t miss these thought-provoking plenaries promising fresh perspectives to inspire educational leadership on the continent!

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