Iyadunni Olubode on LEAP

LEAP’s target audience are essentially youth and business owners. We reach our audience primarily through training programmes and our published resources which both support the cultivation of personal leadership as well as community and organisational leadership.

To date, LEAP has over 9 publications, which serve as tools to support personal and organisational leadership development. Our youth programmes focus on the development of leadership and life skills, values re-orientation and social change. LEAP’s core youth programmes include the Youth Development Training Programme (YDTP), a youth leadership programme delivered through a train-the-trainer approach; the Employability Programme to equip youths with skills to be employable, the Integrity Institute which focuses on exposing corruption and developing moral ethics; and the Social Innovators Programme which identifies and equips creative young people who are already addressing social challenges.

Through our Leadership Ethics and Civics (LEC) programme implemented between 2008 and 2012, we reached 14,800 students from 28 secondary schools across 5 states by training 88 teachers to deliver our innovative leadership ethics and civics curriculum. These youth beneficiaries have implemented over 1, 000 social change projects that have improved living standards within their communities. Examples of such projects are health awareness campaign and workshops in local markets, free eye-test and eyewear donation, providing portable drinking water in neighbourhoods, leadership workshops and seminars, peace and conflict resolution campaigns, and computer literacy education.

For entrepreneurs, LEAP offers the Business Leadership Programme (BLP) and an annual CEOs Forum, which brings together CEOs of SMEs to share best practices for organisational sustainability. LEAP partners with SME development organisations to equip entrepreneurs with the skills required to establish structures that support the long term existence of their enterprises. Core modules within the BLP curriculum include Corporate Governance, Personal & Organisational Ethics, Succession Planning and Talent Management.

The BLP has been very successful with over 1500 entrepreneurs who have been through the programmes. Based on post training surveys 80% of our entrepreneurs have modified their vision and mission statement and believe they are better leaders prior to attending the training; 90% of entrepreneurs have identified a successor or started the process of succession planning. The successes of BLP alumni also serve as an indicator of its impact. Some of alumni include Tara Fela Durotoye, beauty entrepreneur and Founder, House of Tara and Mr Majek Owoo, whose company was recently recognised as one of Nigeria’s fastest growing companies.

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