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IAT was in Search for the Perfect Solution and it found it with NComputing

eLA13_NComputing_20130322 imageThe Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT), based in Kenya, is the leading ICT institute in the East African region. IAT needed to replace the 380 ageing PC desktops used in their training centres and classrooms but had only a small budget. To be successful, IAT would need to provide users with increased computing access while also reducing the high cost of maintenance both on hardware and support personnel.

IAT considered other traditional thin client solutions but found that many solutions were complex, requiring additional third party hardware components and an extra investment in technical support. Fortunately, NComputing’s end-to-end desktop virtualisation solution was cost effective and, with the highest user density per dollar compared to any PC or thin client on the market, provided the essential features needed for a good desktop experience. In addition, NComputing virtual desktop access devices were compatible with existing applications, reliable and easy to manage, thereby eliminating the expensive IT support and maintenance costs.

Desktop virtualisation, a shared computing strategy that maximises efficiency by harnessing the computing power of underutilised PCs is an excellent way to bring classrooms into the 21st century, in a simple and cost effective manner.

By leveraging a single Operating System on a server grade PC, NComputing can deliver up to 100 independent user end point sessions at once.  This greatly increases computer access for your users, staff and students alike, while reducing hardware, maintenance and power costs by as much as 75%.

To architect and implement the solution, IAT worked with Smoothtel & Data Solutions, an NComputing reseller in Kenya, to deploy 137 PCs, 486 X-series access devices, and 9 L230 access devices, creating 495 computer seats and a new ratio of 4 users connected to each host computer.

NComputing’s award-winning vSpaceTM Server provides each user with an individual and rich multimedia computing experience. Each student’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to the shared PC through a small and very durable NComputing virtual desktop device. The access device itself has no CPU, memory or moving parts- so it’s rugged, reliable and easy to deploy and maintain. NComputing design the entire stack, software, protocol and hardware, so only NComputing can deliver a highly optimised and performant end-to-end desktop virtualisation solution.

By implementing NComputing virtual desktops, IAT has realised many benefits:

  • The NComputing solution has proven to be compatible with existing IT infrastructures and classroom orientations, allowing IAT to re-use and extend the life span of its existing PC desktops while not incurring new hardware capitalisation costs.
  • NComputing virtual desktops are easy to deploy and maintain, drastically reducing the need for technical support and repairs.
  • IAT has reduced the cost of investment by 40% per seat, offering significant savings in operating and capital costs.
  • The NComputing solution has created a greener institution for IAT, simultaneously cutting costs and reducing power consumption while achieving environmental goals.

Finally, the most important benefit is that the new desktop virtualisation environment has given IAT the means to scale desktop computing to additional users. The current virtualisation environment supports approximately 500 virtual desktops, increasing the number of terminal workstations without increasing the number of physical desktops. Click here to download the full story.

With more than 50,000 customers, including 30, and 20 million daily users in over 140 countries around the world, NComputing virtual desktop solutions have been deployed everywhere, serving customers large and small in a diverse set of markets; from classroom labs to administration office networks to large scale deployments with more than 30,000 workstations.  NComputing thin client and virtualisation software solutions enable a wide variety of highly valuable use cases across education, government, health and multiple industry segments.

More than 30,000 schools in 140 countries have already discovered the benefits of NComputing virtual desktop solutions in classrooms, computer labs, libraries, testing centres, media centres, administrative offices, teacher desks and for digital signage.

Just some of the benefits our education customers enjoy:

  • On Line Testing – Secure information and data for students and staff.
  • Bring Your Own Device – “BYOD” computing model allows many platforms, Operating Systems, and the ever growing variety of devices to make your curriculum and administration offices function smoothly, without the IT nightmares of every growing support.
  • Re-purpose Old PCs – Leverage existing hardware by re-purposing out-of-date Windows OS and devices, to access your virtual desktops.
  • Priced Right – With a usage based licensing model NComputing is the most affordable desktop virtualisation solution.
  • Simple Upgrades – Build as you grow incrementally, to avoid costly and time consuming individual PC hardware and software upgrades.

Click here to find out more information on desktop virtualisation in education.

For sales enquiries, please contact Jay Son, Director of Sales, Africa and France,

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