How ICTs nurture talent – a very personal story from Zambia

Lois Mvula

Information and Communication Technology unlocks hidden talents. That is what happened to eLearning Africa participant Lois Mvula. She used to be a cleaner at a teachers’ college. Now she leads an IT technical team at the college. Here is her very personal story.




By Lois Mvula

I am a Zambian woman, 40 years old and first born in a family of six.

I started working for NISTCOL [the National In-Service Teachers’ College affiliated to the University of Zambia], in 2001 as a hostel attendant (cleaner). The college secretary introduced me to computers in 2002 and I developed a keen interest. In 2005 I applied for computer application programmes at a private training centre in Lusaka on self-sponsorship.

After completing the computer application programmes, I continued working as an office orderly until 2006 when the development agency VVOB [the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance in Belgium] introduced ICT at the college. It was at this point I realised the importance of IT education. The NISTCOL Administration and VVOB helped me to improve my knowledge by sponsoring me to study Computer Hardware Maintenance and IT Essentials with CISCO Networking under the University of Zambia. Afterwards I went to do an International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL).

In 2008, I went on with further studies. I did ICT Teaching Methodology at the Technical & Vocational Teachers’ College (TVTC). After completing these courses I was appointed as a Computer Lab Manager (Technician) and IT trainer. I worked closely with VVOB to set up IT labs at NISTCOL and other colleges of education. I have also worked closely with VVOB to offer IT technical support to IT responsible persons and other lecturers in colleges of education around the country.

These opportunities have motivated me to continue with my computer studies. Now you can see how Information and Communication Technology nurtured my talents and skills. I enjoy my work as an IT Technician leading a staff of three computer technicians. Two of them came from humble backgrounds to become IT Technicians. I repair, assemble and re-assemble computers and supervise the maintenance of the IT equipment in the college. This has become more than just my professional work. It has become my hobby.

I urge fellow women going through difficult times not to indulge themselves in alcohol and drug abuse or run away from their responsibilities but to go back to school and acquire skills that will help us become responsible to our families and our nation.

A number of Zambians committed to education and quality schooling have returned to school. Girls and young women who return to school are helping to beat poverty and inequality.



  1. Way to go ladies.Very inspiring stories.It is never too late to change the course of one’s llife.

  2. Congratulated my dear
    you have made it.
    also I have the same story like my young sister from Zambia

    This is my story – Neatness Msemo
    I am a Tanzanian woman, 51 years old and third born in a family of eight.

    I joined the National Bank of commerce Since 1980 as a bank clerk.I promoted to Bank supervisor after Six years,then Bank Manpower Officer after four years.I attended several Bank courses and advanced to achieve my careers.In 1992 I decided to change my careers in Banking .
    I attended three years Computer course and become one of few Tanzanian woman with IT Professional.I continue to work with Several Tanzanian Banks until 2006.I joined Muchs-Harvard collaborative Projects as a Senior System Administrator to date.
    After attended several workshops and Open Sources Software courses especial Advanced African Business modeling in Free Open Sources Software (FOSS) I decided to open my own Training center as an expert for E-learning approach based on Linux.
    We as a center we teach Computer courses starting from Basics to advanced.We use Useful Multiplier software.This software allow 1 PC Linux computer into 10 high performance independent computer stations.
    We use these computers for Internet,Training( Introduction to Computers(For beginners),Introduction to Linux and Linux Professional Institute course (LPIC) for advanced users.
    Viva Ladies Aluta continue Viva

    • Hi Neatness,
      Your story is truly encouraging and it shows that women are not “ICT Tools Phobic” but we need to motivate ourselves and keep determined and we can make great changes in our lives and even our communities.

  3. Serah Mbetwa

    This is very engouraging, congratulations and keep it up.

  4. This is wonderful, truly inspiring. I am from Zambia too and work for an organization that creates online educational resources mapped to the national curriculum that can be used by any one anywhere in the country or the world.

    • it is good to involve ladies and children in ICT s.Llike in Zambia we are having a change in the national curriculum that centers on developing the idea of use and integrating resources with the use of ICT s in learning and teaching. we at Chimwemwe Trust school of Lusaka are one such school that has and use online resources with curriculum methodologies to achieve its goal to the new modern way for effective teaching

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