Groupe Jeune Afrique: Contributing to Africa’s development

Since 1960, Groupe Jeune Afrique has been contributing to the political, economic and social development of the African continent by providing independent, reliable and accurate information.  Never losing sight of its core values – editorial independence and responsibility, uncompromising quality and expertise – this leading press and publishing group continues to expand into new media areas, strengthening its position as the leading pan-African press and communication group. 

Partnering Africa’s leading events across all sectors falls within Groupe Jeune Afrique’s mandate to empower the Continent’s development.  It has been a proud media partner of eLearning Africa for a number of years through its internationally renowned magazines Jeune Afrique and The Africa Report.

The group’s flagship publication, Jeune Afrique, has been delivering in-depth coverage of African and international news for over 50 years.  It guarantees more than 600,000 readers worldwide original perspectives on the issues that impact the Continent. With a weekly international circulation of 87,000, Jeune Afrique is the most popular French-language news weekly in the world.

Through its annual special issues ‘Les 500 Premieres Entreprises Africaines’ and ‘Les 200 Premieres Banques Africaines’, Jeune Afrique focuses its business expertise on the strategies and performance of Africa’s top companies, while ‘L’Etat de l’Afrique’ delivers sought-after insights into the Continent’s political stakes and issues. A necessary complement to the weekly publication, shares important up-to-date political, business and sports news, in text and video, on a daily basis. With over one million unique visitors and over ten million pages viewed per month, is the leading pan-African news website. In France, it’s the second most popular news website on the social networks.

Groupe Jeune Afrique’s English-language publication, The Africa Report, was first published in May 2005 and is today the only truly pan-African monthly publication with comprehensive coverage of the entire continent – north, south, west, east and central.

A Continent-wide network of journalists, combined with an exclusive pool of African expertise, consistently comes up with new insights and guarantees content close to the vital concerns of Africa.  The magazine provides 450,000 African and international readers – from business, diplomatic, academic and development communities, as well as the African Diaspora in London, Washington and New York – with incisive analysis of Africa’s fast-changing political and economic landscapes.

Its annual forecasts of political and economic developments in all 54 countries and its surveys of Africa’s top 500 companies and top 200 banks make it a must-read for anyone who takes the future of Africa seriously.

As a natural evolution of its unique expertise in the African business environment, Groupe Jeune Afrique is organising the Africa CEO Forum in Geneva on November 19th – 21st, 2012, in partnership with the African Development Bank.  For two days, it will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, financial decision-makers, and policy-makers to promote the success of the African private sector, providing a platform for public-private dialogue and high-level strategic solutions to support the development of companies and their African markets.

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