Cameroon’s chiefs in law

The Cameroonian administration has organised and defined the traditional chief’s institution in a decree from the Head of State dated 15 July 1977. Here are the due disposals, as they are stated in it:

-Article 19 : Under the authority of the Minister of Territorial Administration, the role of traditional leaders is to assist the administrative authorities in their task of coaching populations.

-Article 20: as administration auxiliaries, traditional leaders have the following responsibilities :

1-to transmit instructions to the population of the administrative authorities and ensures execution.

2-to maintain public order and supervise economic, social and cultural development of their commandment unit, under the leadership of competent administrative authorities.

3-to collect state taxes, and those of other public authorities, under conditions stipulated by the regulations.

Notwithstanding the above tasks, traditional leaders have to perform any other task that may be assigned to them by the local administrative authority.

Article 21: Traditional leaders may, in accordance with the customs and where laws and regulations do not provide otherwise, proceed to conciliation or arbitration between their constituents.

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