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The Potential of Innovation in Tourism for Change and Empowerment in Emerging Economies

This year’s eLearning Africa conference offers a unique opportunity to explore the catalytic role of innovation in driving sustainable tourism development and economic empowerment across emerging economies. The full-day workshop “The Potential of Innovation in Tourism for Change and Empowerment in Emerging Economies” promises an immersive dive into the dynamics reshaping this vital industry.

Led by experts from GIZ Cambodia and Green Key International, the sessions will unpack the different modes of innovation, from technological advancements to grassroots “doing and interacting.” Participants will gain insights into leveraging education to nurture innovation ecosystems and formalize informal knowledge.

With tourism emerging as a powerful economic engine, the workshop will examine strategies to identify and engage key stakeholders while highlighting the growing need for digital learning platforms to train industry professionals. Career development and pathways to exciting future talent will also take center stage.

Entrepreneurship within tourism presents vast opportunities, and dedicated sessions will explore how disruptive digital solutions can empower micro-entrepreneurs, particularly women, by lowering entry barriers. Success stories of female leaders and the pivotal role of gender diversity in driving innovation and competitiveness will be spotlighted.

Sustainability lies at the heart of long-term growth, and participants can look forward to examining eco-school models, greening TVET curricula, and integrating sustainability into education. A highlight will be the sharing of best practices from the world’s first TVET eco-campus in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

With an action-oriented agenda spanning economic development, careers, entrepreneurship, gender empowerment, and sustainable practices, this workshop offers a comprehensive roadmap for unlocking tourism’s potential as a transformative force for positive change.

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