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Meet our Keynote Speaker Francis Bizoza, The African Travelling Teacher

Francis Bizoza, an embodiment of passion and innovation in education, is transforming the landscape of learning across Africa. As the “African Travelling Teacher,” he combines his roles as a curriculum designer at Learning Equality and a LEAP Social Entrepreneur Fellow at Solve-MIT to revolutionize the educational experience. A proud graduate of Makerere University and an alumnus of the Master Teacher Programme under the ALforEducation Network, Francis’s journey is not just about teaching; it’s about reshaping the future of education in Africa.

Francis’s mission is to revolutionize education by forging a network of African teachers who are deeply connected to their continent’s potential. His travels across Africa allow him to share his extensive knowledge of the continent’s history, culture, and natural wonders. He engages students in transformative sessions on geography, history, resources, global citizenship, and sustainable development, all while utilizing localized resources and proposing practical solutions.

Through his innovative teaching methods, which include story reading, discussions, and hands-on projects, Francis doesn’t just educate—he empowers. His focus on critical issues like climate change leaves a lasting impact, as local teachers continue his initiatives, guiding students to act on these crucial matters.

Francis Bizoza is more than an educator; he is a catalyst for change. His dedication to inspiring a new generation to appreciate and harness Africa’s potential is unparalleled. By embedding himself in the fabric of African education, Francis is creating a legacy that will echo through generations.

Francis’s journey is driven by a deep commitment to education and a passion for exploring Africa. He seeks to expose teachers to the richness of their continent and empower them with knowledge and resources. His YouTube channel, “The African Travelling Teacher,” extends his mission, offering educators a glimpse into diverse educational contexts and the beauty of Africa.

Francis’s work aligns with the African Union’s vision for a united and prosperous Africa. He focuses on educating students about crucial topics like Global Citizenship and Environmental Conservation, nurturing responsible citizens. His advocacy extends to urging governments and stakeholders to improve teacher professional development, emphasizing the importance of a modernized curriculum that honors Africa’s rich heritage.

Francis advises African youth to explore and appreciate their continent’s potential. He challenges the notion that success is found only abroad, advocating for a mindset shift towards recognizing the opportunities within Africa.

Looking back, Francis emphasizes the importance of cultivating an open mind in the teaching profession. His experience teaching in underprivileged communities highlighted the transformative power of education and digital literacy, inspiring him to continue his mission of empowering the next generation of African learners.

Francis Bizoza is a visionary in the field of education. His journey as the “African Travelling Teacher” is not just a career—it’s a crusade to ignite a passion for learning and inspire change across the African continent. His legacy is one of empowerment, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the future of Africa.

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  1. well done
    it’s so amazing.
    The move you are taking to rejuvenate the education system in Africa needs to be very much welcome especially in this error when the education system seems to be misappropriate to individuals in Africa
    we need a participatory education not a directive one. individuals need to decide which courses are suitable for them. not some A parent or guardian deciding for an individual and it’s good to determine ones carrier when he/she still a child by the guidance of parents and teachers.
    thank you Keep it up

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