Conference sneak preview

Focus on Benin


A Cotonou fisherman repairs his nets. ©Terry Morris

Terry Morris, a UK-based photographer, attended this year’s eLearning Africa conference in Cotonou. The eLearning Africa News Portal is proud to exhibit some of his impressions of the conference and Benin.

Terry is internationally known for his celebrity portraits and photo journalism. This was his first visit to Benin and he was immediately taken with the country and its people: “My first impressions of Benin were of vitality and bright colours. I hope I have managed to capture those. As I was there a bit longer I also saw a serenity borne of an ancient culture and the great self-respect exhibited by the people of Benin. That was harder to convey and it’s up to News Portal users to decide if I succeeded!”


Photos ©Terry Morris



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