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Antelope Safaris to sponsor EAST Challenge

This year, the members of the Mt. Meru EAST Challenge team will be lucky enough to benefit from the services of one of Tanzania’s premier tour operators. Antelope Safaris, has pledged to sponsor the Mt. Meru EAST Challenge – a charity climb in which some truly dedicated people will climb Tanzania’s second highest mountain to raise money for the eLearning Africa Scholarship Trust (EAST).

Antelope Safaris will be providing the EAST Challenge team with their high-quality tour services, including transportation, experienced mountaineering guides and all the equipment and expertise needed to complete this challenging climb up Mt. Meru.

By sponsoring the challenge, Antelope Safaris will be playing a key role in supporting the attendance of low-income educators across the Continent at this year’s eLearning Africa conference (May 25 – 27, Dar es Salaam). To find out more about the tour operator, who also manages accommodation bookings and tours for the eLearning Africa conference participants, please visit

EAST is a registered non-profit organisation that works in direct collaboration with the eLearning Africa conference to make a lasting, positive impact on education in Africa. It does so by investing in Africa’s educators, practitioners and research communities and by leveraging the potential of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

You can also make a personal donation to the EAST Trust using the online donation form at

More about the EAST Challenge can be found at or


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