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‘Jenerali on Thursday’ – political commentator and ex-TV host at eLearning Africa


One of the liveliest speakers in the plenary session at this year’s eLearning Africa is likely to be Mr Jenerali Ulimwengu. Well known in Tanzania and throughout East Africa as the host of a popular television talk show ‘Jenerali on Monday,’ Mr Ulimwengu is also a media mogul and the Chairman of Raia Mwema, a political newspaper.

By Harold Elletson

A journalist known for his controversial views and a dedicated champion of popular causes, he began his professional career as a reporter on Tanzania’s Daily News, subsequently becoming the paper’s features editor and its leading columnist.

After working for the secretariat of the Panafrican Youth Movement in Algiers from 1974 to 1978 and spells as the government director of youth and sport and as a district governor, he entered the Tanzanian Parliament in 1990. On leaving parliament in 1995, he started an independent media company, the Habari Corporation.

Mr Jenerali’s presentation in the Plenary B session is entitled ‘What we learn, how we learn it and for what.’

An uninhibited critic of those regimes which he sees as holding back progress in Africa, he is likely to argue strongly that Africa has not yet benefited significantly from the revolution in Information and Communication Technologies. His views are likely to stir up an intense debate among conference participants.

eLearning Africa’s Plenary B will take place on Thursday, 26 May 2011, from 08:30 – 10:30.



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  2. Darlington Kahilu

    Dear All,
    Mr. Ulimwengu’s speach was really a nerve cracking one. That Thursday was a big day for those of us who attended the session. My I please be given access to the speech.

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