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The eLearning Africa News Portal is the leading online platform for sharing news, information and knowledge about ICT for development, learning and training in Africa. The site attracts high-level policy and decision makers, experts and practitioners from education, business and governments across Africa and beyond.

Our newsletter, which is published eight times a year, is sent to over 80,000 readers worldwide.

The eLearning Africa News Portal and its accompanying newsletter offer an outstanding marketing opportunity. Whether you want to market a new product, increase sales or promote your organisation, we have an online package to suit your needs.

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Our Readership

  • Deans, Directors and Researchers from Universities and other institutes of Higher Education
  • Senior Staff from Government Departments and International Development Cooperation Agencies
  • Leaders of Professional Associations, Expertise Centres, Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Local and Regional Authorities, NGOs and Continuing Education Centres
  • Ministers & Government Officials
  • Corporate Training and Development Executives
  • School Principals and Administrators, Teachers and Trainers
  • Programme Managers and Education Administrators
  • Human Resources Executives
  • IT Managers
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Publishers, Instructional Designers and Content Providers
  • eLearning Specialists, Multimedia and Software Designers, System Integration Specialists and End-User Support Managers
  • Training Consultants and Company Representatives
  • Performance and Competence Management Specialists



Rates (prices per month, excl. VAT)

Online Advertising

Placement Button
Home Page 990 €*
Top Stories 890 €*
ICT4D 690 €
Infrastructure 690 €
French 690 €
Corporate 690 €
Schools & Teachers 690 €
Higher Education 690 €



For long-term advertising options, please contact us, customised prices apply.


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