Invest in Africa Now!, matching African project promoters and investors worldwide

Invest in Africa Now!, matching African project promoters and investors worldwide 

Invest in Africa Now! (IIAN) is a new private company which aims at matching African project promoters and investors. It uses a comprehensive approach – from scoping of interventions till investor feedbackaided by an online equity platform, advertising (TV, Digital and Print), a co-investment fund, and the organisation of investor meetings as well as other events and activities.


With more than ten bankable projects located in Africa and developed by African project owners, IIAN is on its way to become one of the most dynamic and innovative facilities for matching investors worldwide with project developers in Africa. It offers state of the art tools, including a geographical investment database, a knowledge management platform and an equity platform that champion for connecting investors and businesses looking for equity and quasi-equity finance. Furthermore, IIAN organises investment workshops and conferences, offering packages of TV, digital and print advertising, in partnership with world-class partners such as euronews and africanews. This allows to promote a specific business to millions of screens worldwide, capitalizing on unique assets, and reaching a massive audience.

Investment meetings and conferences

Since its inception in October 2017, IIAN has participated and collaborated in the organisation of different events, being a strategic partner of two important conferences: ATIGS and eLearning Africa.

IIAN is a strategic partner of ATIGS (African Trade and Investment global Summit), which organised its 2018 edition on June 24 to 26, 2018 in Washington DC. IIAN has thus collaborated in the organisation of this prestigious biennial business conference designed specifically to promote and facilitate international trade between Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, UAE, with Africa; attracting foreign direct investment and providing a platform for businesses to expand into new markets. Furthermore, M’Hamed Cherif, founder of IIAN, moderated a session on the EU-Africa Partnership as part of a series of sessions on Africa’s partnerships with major countries, such as the USA, Canada and China.

IIAN also prides itself of being partner of e-Learning Africa, the biggest and most prestigious Africa’s learning, training and technology conference which gathers each year more than 1,200 learning and training professionals and decision makers of all disciplines and from over 80 countries. IIAN will organize a workshop during this important event focused on the nexus between learning & skills development, technology and funding. The panel will comprise a limited number of discussants and will frame a lively and interactive exchange of ideas and information on this topic.

Invest in Africa Now!, featured projects

IIAN has three different areas of scope: renewable energies, agribusiness and ICT. Nevertheless, several projects are also being supported by IIAN though they do not strictly fall under one of these three categories mainly because of their relevance and impact. Some examples are presented here below :

Mobile Card Payment So-eZ

Aiming at inclusive finance this investment provides an easy to use payment system for customers in Africa, South-East Asia, India and Latin America. It caters to the unbanked in these areas and seeks to capture about 2.5% of a Sub-Saharan “mobile money” market; estimated by the World Bank to be around 250 million users by 2020. The platform is expected to be first to be deployed in Côte d’Ivoire. Person to Merchant (P2M) and Person to Person (P2P) mobile payments are made easy and free of charge, except for the purchase of a pre-paid card. A versatile platform allows people to use their mobile or fixed phones at all times – 24/7 24/7 access – to purchase goods and services from participating merchants or transfer funds to other cardholders enrolled in the service.

Livestock Bank

The project enables farmers to have access to finance, where the Livestock Bank will provide them with livestock at no charge, support and the choice to sell the livestock or opt for alternatives. Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies on earth and Livestock Bank, enables farmers in this country to earn revenues from raising livestock without investing money, solely relying on the use of some their time and passion for raising

livestock. Its mission is to foster a formal livestock value chain that enables farmers to  access finance.

RISE Africa – Solar Home System for Tanzania 

RISE is a solar power distribution partnership between an experienced rural renewable energy product distributor, and one of Tanzania’s largest agricultural commodity traders. With the goal of making renewable energy services available and affordable to consumers, the enterprise is lighting up communities in the most rural of Africa’s eastern regions while generating income for local sales agents. RISE imports high-quality modular solar systems that are designed to provide light and mobile charging, transporting them to remote rural trading posts. Working with complementary partners, the enterprise offers innovative consumer financing, and uses existing distribution networks in rural areas.

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